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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Ever heard of the big accident in the gotthard car tunnel where a lenient truck driver fell asleep, got to the other lane and crashed into a car? With the effect of big fire with many deaths?

Well that's why I prefer to ride the train because the train cannot physically get to the other lane. Or so I thought till today.

Today a freight train going south lost big pieces of metal in the tunnel, the train going north crashed into them and the passengers were locked in the tunnel for 2h, see 20minuten or Der Spiegel for the story about it.

I was so (un)lucky to be in the train that followed just a few minutes later. So instead of waiting in the dark but warm tunnel for 2h, we only had to wait in Airolo for 2h, and there it looked like this (BRRR):

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